Dr. Gilliland's book is a thoughtful, insightful work explaining our need to be truly free and how a lack of equality and justice prevents us from achieving this.  Issues such as illegal immigration, campaign finance reform, healthcare reform, global warming and government debt are discussed with personal, real life examples and logical solutions and common sense. Dr. Gilliland addresses underlying issues in attempt to make a positive impact.  I highly recommend this book.

Trish Burmeister

This book was so eye opening. It really showed me what is going on in America, things I was completely unaware of. I recommend this to anyone who is interested in learning about the different areas that impact us all and to help determine the future of our country.

Marsha Blanche
Nebraska City

It takes a keen intellect to fully comprehend the complexities of our various governmental bodies, their collective responsibilities as well as the fundamental practices of each office; purportedly producing Liberty and Freedom for the American People and or tyranny and oppression.

Dr. Gilliland does a superb job in pointing out "specific and well documented" corrupted politicians as well as various corrupted government entities, and so matter-of-factly provides commonsense alternatives to these problems created by Liberal Progressives and successfully shows us how to bring America back to our founding principles of Freedom and Justice For All.

I highly recommend this book to any moderate who is on the fence that questions the direction our Government is taking us and who is looking for truth within the spun web of media biased deception.

Rodney Liber