Freedom, Equality, Justice for all… These are the founding principles that made America great. If we are to save this great country then we must save these principles and restore our complete and total commitment to them.

JUSTICE FOR ALL - Saving Justice in America is the roadmap how. Read a Sample...

What is Saving Justice in America all about?

Many of those visiting may be wondering what this is all about. Do you remember when you were first taught about the principles of Freedom, Equality, and Justice for all? When you first learned about the founding fathers of America and how they stood up against overwhelming odds and established the first free democracy in the history of humanity. The principles of Liberty have served us well and the proud history of successes and prosperity of America testify to that. Now we are at a crossroads. Are we as a nation going to return to a commitment to these principles of Liberty or are we going to abandon them in favor of some deeply divisive partisan war? At its heart this is a movement that is battling on two fronts.

On one front is the battle against corruption. This corruption has become so engrained that it’s become institutionalized in some key areas of the government to the point that it’s undermining our representative democracy itself. On the second front is the battle for Liberty itself. There are significant percentages among us who have become so immersed in divisive partisan politics that they are abandoning these very principles of Liberty. This second battle front is not for or against any one side. It’s about preserving the principles of Liberty for Liberty sake itself. The fate of our great nation hinges on what occurs on these two battle fronts. We can no longer simply stand on the sidelines and see how this plays out. It is time to simultaneously stand up for Liberty and take a stand against the corruption of our democracy. That is what this is about.

Saving Justice in America

The United States of America was born of the principles of Freedom, Equality, and Justice for all. It is these principles that have made her so great and so successful for the past 200 years.

This feeling that we all share that the country is moving in the wrong direction…

there is something behind it. It is the abandonment of these principles; that is how this nation is moving in the wrong direction!

It is more than just in the general sense that these principles are being thrown asunder. There are many specific areas of our society that common sense and these principles are being violated and cast aside. This forsaking of these principles is the cause of virtually every problem that our nation is facing today.

What if we approached these problems from the standpoint of common sense and with a complete commitment to these principles of Freedom, Equality, and Justice for All. The result is this book JUSTICE FOR ALL Saving Justice in America. In it I address the specific problems in these areas and present the solution that a commitment to these principles brings.

America is moving in the wrong direction and has been doing so for the last couple of decades but it seems in the last few years this movement in the wrong direction has kicked into overdrive. As a nation we are now speeding headlong into oblivion. We are all worried about terrorists but the biggest threat to this nation’s survival is now no longer from external forces…it is from this abandonment of principles within. If the United States of America is overcome and the principles for which she stands are swept aside then whatever you are currently doing (education, work, ect.) to secure your future will become irrelevant.

"As an American citizen you have a tremendous stake in this."

It is "YOUR FUTURE" that is in the crosshairs.

If we are to save this great nation, the greatest civiliation that has ever been formed throughout all of the history of man kind, then we must start by saving that which made her so great to begin with. We must save Freedom. We must save Equality. We must save the principle of Libery for All.

"...that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom--and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.
Abraham Lincoln, November 19, 1863

We must stand up and fight for America, but we must know specifically what we are fighting for. There is no time left. Now is the time to stand up for America. This book is only the beginning. Join the fight to save America.

Saving Justice in America We must save America!

Saving Justice in America We must save the principles for which she stands!

Saving Justice in America We must save Justice and in so doing save ourselves...

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