Saving JusticePosition Statement

We believe that it is the principles of freedom of the people, equality, and justice for all that have made this country great over the previous 200 years. we believe that it is the corruption and abandonment of these principles that is the fundamental cause of so many of the problems that our country is facing today. we believe the answer then to be to return completely and unfailingly to a commitment to these principles.

About the Author

Dr. Gilliland is a physician who lives and works in northwest Missouri. He grew up in the small western Kansas town of Liberal, Kansas and is the only son of a high school biology teacher and a stay at home mom. He has traveled throughout Europe including a trip to Greece in December of 2008 when the Greek riots due to their government debt crisis and the necessary austerity reforms were just breaking out. More recently he has traveled to South Africa. He has lived in multiple parts of the United States during his medical training. During his medical training Dr. Gilliland noted that ultimately we apply common sense to the complex sciences of medicine and engineering because that is what works. As a society we fail to apply common sense to the much more fundamental and simple concepts of our human nature and how we construct our government and society. Likewise in all his travels he noted that is the principles of freedom of the people, equality, and justice for all that have benefited America so much and made the United States relatively more successful than other nations. This book is about the application of common sense and these principles to solve our nation’s most pressing problems and save this great nation from the oblivion of foolishness that is overtaking it.

About the Website is dedicated to promoting Liberty, Freedom, and Equality (equal treatment by government towards all citizens) by driving discussion into the realm of common sense fundamentals, where superficial partisan slander, demonization, and distortion is exposed for what it is. It is only by forcing an honest debate on this level that many Americans will see through the lies and slander used to promote the meritless ideology of Liberal Progressivism and the tyranny and inequality that make up its core. Tyranny and inequality never have merit, no matter what political direction they come from. Liberty, promoted through its own fundamental merit, is the answer to tyranny. Join the real revolution (once again, as before throughout human history) for Freedom, Equality, and Liberty.