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Zimmerman, the Liberal Media, and the Manipulation of the Masses

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There's a tremendous amount of angst, anger, and animosity sweeping the nation in the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict. America needs to pause, take a deep breath, and take a good look at what's really happening here. Shortly after the events of February 26, 2012, the national media outlets picked up the story and began reporting and commentating on it incessantly. Due to the trial of George Zimmerman, a tremendous amount of light has been shed on what really happened on that fateful night.

George ZimmermanThe media continuously pushed a narrative of what happened. However, when the evidence and reality was presented to the world during the course of the Zimmerman trial, it became increasingly clear just how fraudulent the media's narrative really was. It's pretty obvious that what happened was a cascade of misunderstandings that ultimately lead to tragedy. Neither man was a saint here. Trayvon Martin was not a hoodlum but nor was he the baby faced innocent teen the media portrayed him to be. He was simply a troubled youth who likely began to spiral down the wrong path upon the breakup of his family (a tragic situation faced by many American teens of all ethnicities this day and age). Zimmerman does not seem to be a saint either, but he was not the racist vigilante monster that the media made him out to be.

Both men made mistakes here. Zimmerman should have stayed in his car. Martin should have gone on home instead of seeking Zimmerman out to confront him and subsequently attack him. In the end, the misunderstandings on the part of both men, compounded by the mistakes of both men, lead to a final situation where there was at least a reasonable doubt of self defense. The Sanford DA and investigators realized this after their investigation and did not charge Zimmerman, but the media incitement continued and the emotion based on that incitement increased. Ultimately the Sanford Police Chief lost his job for trying to stick to the rule of law instead of succumbing to political pressure. Though a trial was not justified by the facts and evidence, perhaps it's best that one occurred anyway just to get the facts of the case out to the public (something the media purposely failed to do).

In the end, there is a real villain here and it's neither George Zimmerman nor Trayvon Martin, it's the media. The media pushed a blatantly false narrative on this case and in some instances, outright lied (such as with NBC's doctoring of the 911 tape). The liberal progressive controlled mainstream media didn't push a false narrative blindly, they did so with a purpose; to incite racial tensions between whites and blacks. Why would they do this, because this ultimately benefits their liberal progressive ideology (but more on that in a bit).

It's not a surprise that the liberal main stream media engaged in such demonization and propaganda, that's part and parcel of what they've been doing for years in order to hide from honest debate. What is a surprise is just how poor a job they did in picking this specific case with which to mount their racial incitement propaganda. Once the reality of what had actually happened that night was brought to light during the trial, the false narrative, the propaganda campaign which they were conducting became conspicuously obvious. Zimmerman wasn't even Caucasian. The New York Times had to invent a whole new category, the "white Hispanic", in order to make this case fit their narrative and continue on with their inciting propaganda.

To the portions of the African American community that are in full furor over the Zimmerman verdict, "The liberal progressives in the media and elsewhere are now counting on one thing... that trait of human beings that once people are seeing red, once anger has taken over, logic and reason can no longer find its way in. Pause for a second and let logic and reason in. Evaluate the evidence that's now been brought forth and realize that this was a cascade of misunderstandings and mistakes between two men that led to tragedy. Realize, even, that the reasonable doubt by way of self defense is not a failing of the justice system. And, most important of all, realize that you are being used and manipulated for somebody else's purposes.

Liberal Progressive ideology, at its core, is pushing inequality and oppression of the people. This cannot survive in honest debate or logical reason based thought when confronted with the virtues of equality and freedom. So they hide from honest debate and reasoned thought with demonization and false narratives. They ultimately push a fundamentally false narrative that conservatives are rich old white men who are greedy, sexist, racist, and bigoted. Liberal MediaThey can't have African Americans (or the rest of the country for that matter) thinking about the merits of equality & freedom versus inequality & oppression or considering what equality and freedom truly looks like. Their version of inequality and oppression only survives if people are not thinking and discussing such things, and having the races hating each other on an emotional basis is a part of how they prevent such thought and discussion.

You see, you've been duped into fighting for the very faction of America that historically enslaved you, that subjected you to Jim Crow, that created Separate but Equal. As an African American State Senator from Louisiana recently elegantly stated: it was the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, that freed the slaves, it was conservatives in the late 1950's who championed the civil rights movement, and it was a crusade by a Republican named Martin Luther King Jr. that finally won the fight for equality.

Just as that was happening, however, Democratic President Lyndon Johnson, orchestrated one of the greatest bait and switches of the 20th century. He instituted his "Great Society" of welfare and dependence which has been nothing but poison to people of all ethnicities trapped under that sham. The evidence of how devastating that system of dependence has been to the human spirit and human experience is overwhelming. But there is no doubt that of all ethnicities, simply by percentages alone, African Americans have been the most devastated by that poisoned system of dependence.

You must wake up to the manipulation used by the liberal progressives to enslave you even today. Let not their demonization of me, and of you, drive us apart. Join with the forces in America that are once again fighting for true freedom and true equality (equal treatment of every citizen by the government). Realize that the virtues of Liberty and equality are not simply what's best for one race, but what is best for all races. Join us under the guiding light of reason and wisdom in bringing this nation to Liberty and equality so together we can enjoy the serenity, the security, and the prosperity that ultimately comes from such concepts. Let's live in peace and in freedom, finally, once and for all."

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