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Undermining the Legitimacy of All of Government

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What is it that makes for legitimacy of government, that gives the government credibility and allows the people to have trust in their government? The ultimate item in this regard is integrity... the integrity of those in power to not abuse that power for their own purposes; that the laws and power of government be used in a fair and universal manner and not be wielded in a significantly politically biased and unequal ways.

US CapitalBefore I continue, I must disclose that I am a healthy skeptic of most conspiracy theories. There are three straightforward tests that any conspiracy theory should be able to endure. One, there has to be an obvious reason and motive that is so clear cut and strong that it propels the substantial amount of manpower and expense that most conspiracy theories involve. Two, it has to be plausible. If the government can't even do something as simple as buying people's old cars (remember Cash for Clunkers) without it turning into a clown circus, how is it going to effectively pull off a much more intricate and complex conspiracy. Last is the ability of keeping secrecy. The greater the number of people that are supposedly involved in a said conspiracy (sometimes in the thousands or tens of thousands), the less likely that it will be successfully kept secret. Most conspiracy theories fail one or more of these tests.

With that disclaimer in place, I have to say that my faith in US government is becoming significantly eroded. I know that there are a great many Americans that are likewise experiencing this loss of faith and trust in their government. The impetus for this loss of faith and trust in the government is coming from the top, from Barack Obama.

Obama and his surrogates have set the stage by incessantly engaging in perpetual demonization and slander of conservatives in order to hide from honest debate on issues. The legitimate grassroots uprising against his Obamacare bill was 'paid corporate stooges'. The teaparty, which was a movement that spontaneously coalesced around the ideas of lower and more equal taxes and government fiscal responsibility , were 'teapbaggers, racists, and hateful bigots'. Those investigating Fast and Furious and Benghazi were 'political hacks who're solely acting politically'. Those supporting the 2nd Amendment were 'liars and rednecks'.

Then came the corruption and outright abuse of power. There's the IRS scandal where this very powerful agency abused its entrusted powers to conduct, what is effectively, the oppression of the political free speech of Obama's opponents in the greatest abuse of government power in American history. It's a corruption of government power that threatens the core fabric of what makes America special. The IRS commissioner, a position that's normally very independent of the presidency, visited the White House on nearly a weekly basis while this abuse of power was being conducted. Yet at the breaking of this scandal Obama claimed ignorance and feigned outrage. Notice, however, that since then (as of the writing of this article) nothing of significance has been done, not one person has been arrested or even fired, and the Obama administration has done everything it can to minimize the scandal and just make it go away.

AG HolderWe have an Attorney General in Eric Holder whose has conducted numerous illegitimate actions: the suppressed case of voter intimidation in Philadelphia, the stonewalling on Fast and Furious, the abuse of DOJ power to intimidate states trying to shore up the legitimacy of their elections with straightforward voter ID laws, the spying on the press and then lying about it under oath in congressional testimony. Those are just the actions we know about, what other illegitimacies by Eric Holder do we have yet to find out about? Under any other president, Eric Holder would have been removed after any one of these actions. As the Attorney General is the director of the Department of Justice, the lack of integrity displayed by this individual calls into question the integrity of the entire Department of Justice. How can we, as Americans, trust an investigation into the IRS scandal by any branch of the DOJ when it's directed by someone so lacking in integrity?

This brings up an important side point. There are undoubtedly many attorneys and agents within the DOJ who do have integrity, who understand that the integrity of the DOJ is the sole purpose of its existence , and who understand that the credibility and trust given to the DOJ by the American people comes from that integrity. To the many ethical agents and attorneys who work under the DOJ (and frankly to all ethical government employees), "Do you understand the level of damage to your credibility and to the American people's trust of you that being done by Obama and the liberal progressives. How long do you silently stand by and let your reputation be tarnished by the unscrupulous actions of the Obama administration and its political appointees?"

Another specific example is that of Susan Rice, the former US Ambassador to the UN, who went out on five Sunday morning national talk shows and flat out lied about the Benghazi attack, fraudulently pushing a politically expedient story about a spontaneous protest over a video produced in America. In the ensuing months as the scandal grew she stayed silent on who told her to lie (although does anybody really doubt where that story originated?) and was subsequently rewarded with the National Security Advisor position. How can I, as an American citizen, have any faith in the National Security Advisor given the compromise in integrity that this individual has displayed and the unethical way in which she obtained that position?

A good comparison to Obama in this light is President Carter. Jimmy Carter, like Barack Obama, was completely lost in the meritless delusion that is liberal progressivism. And similarly to Obama, leadership from that ideology damaged America greatly at the time. By historical accounts however, President Carter understood the importance of integrity in the government and operated within those limits. Obama, to the contrary, by his words and actions and by the actions of his surrogates and appointees, has shown no such adherence to such integrity. Tragically this culminates in America simultaneously having not only the most foolish President in American history but also the most corrupt President in American history as well.

We've now had multiple scandals by Obama and his administration that rises to the level of Watergate at this point. Yet we don't see even 1/10th the level of media coverage and scrutiny that was seen with Watergate, which is another important point. With a legitimate main stream media that was based on unbiased journalism, Obama would have been impeached years ago. When journalists manipulate the news based on political preferences, however, they cease being journalists at all and have transformed themselves into political propaganda. The corruption of the media is an important enabler of what's happening here and the media, by their actions, are now complicit in the damage that is being done.

All of this devious activity by the Obama administration has altered my viewpoint. While I still hold a decent amount of skepticism to most conspiracy theories; there are events that I might have once disregarded as coincidence which I now consider with significant amounts of suspicion. As recent examples, the unusual circumstances surrounding the death of Journalist Michael Hastings three weeks ago and, even more recently, the break-in last week into a State Department whistleblower's lawyer's office where computers with files relevant to the court case were stolen while nearby items of significant value where left untouched. Obama, and his administration, has been so devious, dishonest, and corrupt that I now consider the potential that the government was involved in these events to be a very real possibility.

ObamaAt this point, I don't put anything past Obama. I think this man is capable of any level of treachery and deceit. For where there is smoke, there is usually fire and we've already seen plenty of the smoke and fire of corruption and abuse of power from Obama. What all of this shows is just how important the integrity and character of the President is. Obama speaks in a personable manner and people have always been drawn in by that. But, people must wake up. The American people must stop only paying attention merely to the manner in which Obama is speaking and start paying attention to what he is actually saying and actually doing. Treachery delivered with a personable manner and a smile is still treachery and it's still just as devastating.

America elected a president based on rhetoric and persona instead of substance and character and now we are paying the price for that foolish decision. Government, by definition and by necessity, will always have power. What's important is electing leaders who have the character and integrity to not engage in corruption and not abuse that power that's been entrusted to them by the American people.

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Erin Gilliland

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Erin Gilliland is the Author of Justice For ALL - Saving Justice in America. Dr. Gilliland's goal is to restore the principles of Freedom and Liberty for ALL back to America. Circle Saving Justice on Google+!

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