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Three More Scandals to add to Obama's Presidency

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The Obama Presidency has been plagued by scandal, by obstruction and deception, and by a lack of transparency almost from the start. In the last few weeks three scandals involving the Obama administration have come to the forefront in rapid succession: Obamas White House ScandalsThe Benghazi cover up, the IRS targeting of conservatives, and the Associated Press scandal. Obama's reaction to each of these scandals has been markedly different but it's still all part of the same game.

The Benghazi cover up is not new but the Obama administration has done everything that it can to obstruct the investigation into what happened with the Benghazi attack and into how Obama misled the American people with a completely false narrative. The Benghazi scandal came back into the forfront two weeks ago with whistleblower testimony in front of congress and the publication of email correspondence between the CIA and the State Department regarding the formation of the original government talking points on the Benghazi attack.


Interestingly the initial talking points provided by the CIA were pretty much spot on.... noting that it was an actual terrorist attack with Ansar al-Sharia and Al Qaeda involvement and noting the deteriorating security conditions in the months leading up to the attack. But, then the State Department got involved (and likely the White House as well) and started directing that changes be made for political purposes. By the time the back and forth correspondence was through, the talking points had gone through 12 different revisions and looked nothing like the original CIA information.

Thus, instead of the truth, Obama put out a completely false narrative that what happened in Benghazi was a spontaneous protest, over an anti-Islam video produced by an American, that had gone bad and gotten violent. At this point it is very clear that this false narrative was put forth to provide political cover to the Obama administration's incompetence in handling security in Benghazi leading up to the attack, to cover the administration's incompetence in responding to the attack itself (in telling area forces to stand down and not rescue the Americans involved), and to cover Obama's political stump assertion that Al Qaeda was on the run and in disarray.

The fact is, the Benghazi attack had nothing to do with a protest. It had nothing to do with an American produced video. It was a preplanned, carefully executed terrorist attack, and President Obama, Hillary Clinton , Ambassador Susan Rice , and Press Secretary Jay Carney lied to the American people about it for weeks for political purposes. It's not surprising that Obama thought that he could get away with such a deception. He had already had tremendous success, politically, with putting forth false narratives, such as replacing the discussion about his oppression of religious liberty in forcing religious institutions to provide birth control into, instead, a false narrative asserting that those for religious liberty were perpetrating a War On Women.

Obama's reaction to this latest turn of events on the Benghazi investigation was simply more derision and insults. He pooh poohed it as the same old story all along. Yes Mr. Obama, it is the same old story.... that you lied to and misled the American people about Benghazi but NOW, with the published email correspondence displaying how the government talking points were manipulated, THERE'S PROOF THAT YOU KNEW THE TRUTH ON BENGHAZI FROM THE BEGINING AND YOU LIED to the American people for weeks about it for political purposes!!

The second scandal which broke last week was that the IRS has been targeting conservative groups for abuse and inappropriate investigation. Obama has responded with a completely different tactic on this scandal; outrage and a proclamation that he will get to the bottom of it. These activities by the IRS are a corruption and abuse of power so vulgar that it threatens the fundamental core of what America is. For a government agency to corruptly abuse its power to intimidate and silence political free speech undermines the single biggest thing that makes America different and better than much of the world.

While we may never obtain evidence linking Obama directly to this IRS scandal , he is still very much responsible for it. He and his administration have done so much demonization of conservatives, he has created such a culture of persecution of conservatives within the government, that it has made these actions by the IRS not only possible but even encouraged. No Mr. Obama, despite your attempts to distance yourself from it, this scandal remains squarely around your shoulders because of the way you have conducted yourself while in office and because of the culture of political persecution that you have fomented within the government.

IRS Building - IRS ScandalThe investigation into the IRS scandal is just beginning and as it goes forward, the narrative being put out by the IRS and the Obama administration that it's simply a few rogue IRS agents in Cincinnati is going to be blown completely apart. I think we will find that this is about an institution wide culture and that the abuses are much more widespread and go much higher up than they are currently willing to admit.

The latest scandal to appear is the Associated Press scandal where Obama's Department of Justice, in a very broad probe, seized the records of over a dozen AP reporters and Fox reporter James Rosen in a supposed investigation into national security leaks. Now the balance between national security and freedom of the press will always be delicate, but the sheer size and scope of this seizure, on its face, appears to be a significant over reach and incursion on freedom of the press.

On top of that there appears to be some significant suspicion that this may not have anything to do with national security at all but rather a payback by the Obama administration against the AP for not holding a story for an additional day for political purposes during last year's Presidential campaign. These actions by Obama's DOJ will have a palling effect on whistleblower's and confidential source's confidence in being able to confide in the press without reprisal. This IS an oppression of the freedom of the press.

Notice that all of these scandals involve some oppression of freedom by Obama's government. The Benghazi scandal is one of incompetence by Obama's administration and of subsequent lies by Obama and his surrogates to cover up that incompetence. But, the Freedom of Speech became collateral damage in the false narrative that Obama put forth on Benghazi. The IRS scandal is much more direct in its intimidation and silencing effect on political free speech. The AP scandal, as mentioned, is an oppression of the freedom of the press. All of this is showing what Obama really thinks of our freedoms and of the Constitution.

I mentioned in an article last June "Obama's Alarming Metamorphosis" that Obama's actions had become decidedly more aggressive and corrupt and that if left unchallenged by the media and the public these actions and corruptions by Obama and his administration would grow even more aggressive. Now, here we are.

Now that the media itself has become a target of Obama's oppression and corruption, perhaps they will actually get back to doing their job as journalists and actually report on Obama without perpetually paying him political favors. In turn, if the American public starts seeing the truth reported in the news, perhaps likewise they will wake up to what Obama is really about. We can only hope that will be the case and continue the work of fighting for Liberty, equality, and freedom against this treachery by the Obama Administration.

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