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The Veil of Obama (and of Liberal Progressives) is Coming Off

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I remember very early in the 2008 presidential campaign I was speaking on the phone with a conservative friend of mine from college. We were both intrigued by a newcomer in the race by the name of Barack Obama. Frankly we liked a lot of what he was of bringing transparency to government, talk of bringing all sides to the table for productive common sense discussion, talk of bringing efficiency and ending corruption in government.

The Obama VeilObama was a democrat so we weren't quite sure what to make of him. At the end of the conversation we had settled on a course of skeptical optimism that perhaps he might just be what he was portraying himself to be and that by simply observing him, time would tell. Within just a few months however, after a few appearances by Obama in front of organizations such as where he'd speak his true intentions, it had become clear to us that Obama was not at all what he was portraying himself to be. Thus the origin of the term Kool-Aid drinkers, in reference to the Jim Jones mass murder in 1978 where Jones killed over 900 of his cult followers by feeding them Kool-Aid laced with cyanide. Obama was using the inspirational speaking of Hope and Change (the sweet Kook-Aid) to hide the poison of oppression and inequality which lay underneath, and millions of Americans were just eating it up like candy.

Once he was elected President, all the hope and change went away. Instead of bringing transparency to government, Obama has ran one of the least transparent governments ever seen in America. The way the Obamacare bill was rammed through was one of the most dishonest and least transparent in history. The Obama administration and his Attorney General Eric Holder have done everything they can to delay and halt any investigation into Fast and Furious. As bad as that is, Obama's and Holder's abuse of DOJ power to interfere with the States abilities to maintain credible and honest elections is even more concerning.

Instead of ending corruption in government, Obama expanded crony politics to the greatest heights ever with scandals such as Solyndra and a political payback to the Unions using over 100 billion dollars of taxpayer money in the so called auto industry bailout.

Instead of bringing all sides to the table, Obama did everything he could to shut out any opposition to him and his extreme ideology. He employed demonization and slander towards his opposition at every turn. He poisoned any rational and honest debate on illegal immigration by stirring racial animosity so that he could personally benefit politically from doing so. When he began taking heat for his oppression of religious liberty he deceitfully produced a false narrative that those who favored religious liberty were somehow conducting a War on Women (purposely generating gender animosity, likewise for his political benefit). Most recently he demonized gun owners and the NRA in the gun control debate to hide from rational and honest discussions on this very important subject.

Just like Obama is not who he portrayed himself to be, liberal progressivism is not what it portrays itself to be either. It portrays itself as the compassionate ideology of the poor and the underdog. At its heart, however, the fundamental core of liberal progressivism is based on inequality (unequal treatment of citizens by government) and oppression of freedom and the individual responsibility that comes with freedom. These things unequivocally lack merit and so it is no surprise that the liberal progressives in our universities , in the media, and in our government resort to the meritless tactics of demonization, slander, propaganda, and manipulation of the news and of history to push this meritless ideology. They must use such tactics to hide from honest debate because in honest debate, tyranny doesn't stand a chance against the righteousness and truth of Liberty.

ConservativesMost of my readers who are conservative know this stuff already, so this article is more specifically directed to the independents and the classical liberals. The state of the nation today is that 30-40% of the people get this. They are worried about it and they are paying attention. Around 20% of the nation (the hard core liberal progressives) have so divorced themselves from reason, logic, and reality that they are unreachable with any reasoned and logical argument. It is the 40-50% in the middle who must be reached. Many are simply not paying attention. Others, being turned off by the nasty nature of politics (most of which is from liberal progressives) or having bought into the political correctness narrative that politics is uncool, have simply checked out. Others still have bought into the demonization by liberal progressives towards conservative teaparty groups as racist, hateful, or bigoted without ever putting any critical thought into it or checking to see if it's actually true (it's not). It is to these crowds that I direct this article

Now we have three new scandals with Obama and his administration. The Benghazi cover up, the IRS scandal, and the Associated Press scandal. To the main stream media, to the groups mentioned above, how many more scandals is it going to take? How much more oppression of freedoms (freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, etc.) must occur before you get it? This man, Barrack Obama, is NOT who he billed himself to be. This ideology, liberal progressivism, is NOT what it bills itself to be.

To minorities, many of whom have bought into the demonization and slander that the liberal progressives have thrown towards conservatives, is the truth of liberty, equality, and freedom any less true if it's spoken by a white man instead of a Hispanic women or an African American? No, this truth remains unfailingly true regardless of who's speaking it. To Hispanic citizens in particular, many of you are recent comers to this nation. Why did you come here? Because it's better here, that's why. Because there is serenity, safety, and prosperity in a nation ruled by Liberty, equality, and freedom. Don't let yourself be deceived by those who use demonization and slander, stirring up racial and gender animosity, in order to push inequality and oppression with those means. In the end liberal progressive ideology will destroy the very things that attracted you to come here in the first place.

Barrack Obama will continue to bring forth a friendly smile, an engaging persona, and eloquent speaking; but there is the poison of corruption, oppression, inequality, and abuse of power underneath. It is these latter things that will actually affect the nation, destroying it, and destroying your future and your prosperity with it, regardless of your ethnicity or gender.

This transcends superficial politics of liberal versus conservative. This is ultimately about tyranny versus Liberty. To the American people: wake up, Wake Up, YOU MUST WAKE UP!! It is your freedom at stake! And, with the nature of freedom being what created America's prosperity, it is your prosperity at stake as well. Regardless of your ethnicity, regardless of your gender, we are all in this together and we either choose Liberty, equality, and freedom for ourselves as a nation or we choose tyranny, inequality, and oppression for ourselves as a nation. That is the choice before us as a nation and as individuals. You must choose wisely.

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Erin Gilliland is the Author of Justice For ALL - Saving Justice in America. Dr. Gilliland's goal is to restore the principles of Freedom and Liberty for ALL back to America. Circle Saving Justice on Google+!

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