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The Real Purpose of Obamacare

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In the two years since the passage of Obamacare I have not seen anyone speak or write about it in regards to its true intent. Even those deeply opposed to Obamacare seem to have accepted the narrative that it was meant to reform the healthcare system. When you take a step back and look at it from a big picture perspective, Obamacare was not meant to Obama Care's Health Care Meltdown Purposereform the system, it was meant to revolutionize the system. In its current form Obamacare is meant to fail in a catastrophic way and take our current healthcare system with it. (As a precursor to this article, you may want to read my previous article “Is Healthcare a Right?”)

 First let’s take the sheer size and complexity of this act. It is 2,700 PAGES long. Included within it is the creation of 159 NEW bureaucracies. Even by Congressional standards this bill is massively complex and there is no real justification for this complexity. There are a ton of specific items in Obamacare but ultimately those specifics are only meant as a distraction from the underlying big picture purpose of this law.

The underlying purpose of all this massive amount of complex new taxation and red tape bureaucracy is to simply gridlock the private healthcare insurance industry into oblivion. There have already been insurers (which had been in the healthcare insurance business for decades) that have gotten out of the business simply in anticipation of this gridlock.

Second, consider this law’s impact on Medicare. It robs Medicare of 500 Billion dollars. Medicare is a huge colossus that is eventually headed towards insolvency on its own right. The loss of $500 Billion will cause Medicare to collapse much sooner. Medicare and the private healthcare insurance industry make up the vast majority of America’s current healthcare system. In one flail swoop this law destroys them.

Let’s consider the way this bill was passed. It was unveiled on July 14th 2009 with the intent (and President Obama pushing real hard) for passage by July 31st. That obviously didn’t happen but during the ensuing eight month debate the bill’s congressional proponents never actually seemed to want to talk about what was in the bill. “Just get the bill passed” was their repetitive mantra.

Do you remember when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi famously uttered the line “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it”? She got a lot of flak for the outright Exasperated Health Care Worker at Nancy Pelosiabsurdity of that statement. In retrospect, however, I think that it was a rare moment of honesty. The overall goal of the bill was to destroy the private healthcare system and replace it with a socialistic government single payer system, but the American public wasn’t going to find that out until after the bill was passed and had done the trick. Indeed we had to pass the bill to truly find out what it was all about.

One last thing that lends to this argument, Obamacare was originally introduced in July of 2009, why is it that, even then, most of the major provisions in this law weren’t scheduled to kick in until after 2013? If the proponents of Obamacare thought that it was so good and so needed, why wait four years to implement it? Could the reason be that if they kicked in during Obama’s first term, the chaos and devastation that would occur within the healthcare industry would significantly reduce Obama’s chances of re-election? However, if the major provisions of Obamacare didn’t kick in until the beginning of Obama’s second term (provided he was re-elected) then he could guide its implementation with relative political impunity at that point.

Obama had previously come out that he preferred the British model of socialist single-payer healthcare, but realized that currently in America it was a political nonstarter (with the majority of Americans opposed to it and with over 80 percent satisfied with the current state of their healthcare and insurance). If you remember, the original form of Obamacare contained the public option. Many of America’s employers would have pushed their employees into the public option because it would be cheaper for them to do so (why would a business pay 100% of their employee’s healthcare costs when they could pay some fraction of the cost with the government picking up the other fraction of the cost). Even for the employers who chose not to go that route, with the seizing up of the private healthcare industry from all the bureaucratic red tape, the public option would soon become the only viable option remaining. Suddenly, with just a single act, America would be deceptively guided into a socialist single payer infrastructure while avoiding any real debate on the subject.

Obama ultimately didn’t succeed in getting the public option component included in Obamacare. He got passed what he could, the destruction of our current private healthcare system. I suspect, with the intent to push through the government provided socialist healthcare construct “out of necessity” once that destruction of the private healthcare system had occurred.

Socialism has NEVER worked and certainly socialist healthcare has never been successful. To Mr. Obama: If you wanted socialist single payer healthcare in America, as extremely foolish as that is, then at least you should have had the decency, the honesty, and the courage to fight that fight up front with the American people, for Pete’s sake. What Obama didObama's Treachery with Obamacare was an act of political treachery and ideological cowardice the likes of which have never been seen before in the long storied history of this great nation.

There are legitimate reforms that are needed in our healthcare system that can be promoted and discussed honestly and openly on their own merits. While the topic is too long for a blog article, I discuss a number of needed reforms to healthcare in the book “JUSTICE FOR ALL – Saving Justice in America”. Ideas with merit do not require such political deception or treachery to be promoted. As I’ve mentioned before, Obama resorts to such tactics because he’s forced to by the lack of merit of that which he pushes.

We can only hope and pray that the Supreme Court overturns this albatross in its entirety. Then we can get started with honest and open discussion on “real” healthcare reform. As it stands right now, we have a ticking time bomb that is set to destroy our current healthcare system within the next three to four years. We must act with all urgency and haste to see to it that Liberty and Freedom are maintained in all areas of America, including healthcare.

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