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Making People Worthy of Oppression and Inequality

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I have been pondering, how is it that the liberal progressives and the Obama administration can conduct themselves in the way that they've been conducting themselves....shamelessly using demonization, corruption, and abuse of government power to push what is, on a fundamental level, oppression and inequality towards others? There is an internal process that people must go through before behaving in such ways. The HolocaustYou must make the "others" into bad people. That is the crucial intrinsic step. Before persecuting a people, before subjecting them to inequality and oppression, you must convince yourself that they are "the bad people" and thus worthy of such inequality and oppression.

This is not a new thing to the world. Every case of oppression in human history has had this fundamental element. The people being persecuted were made out to be "bad" based on ethnicity, geographic origin, or some other demographic. Now the "bad people" to be oppressed (from the liberal progressive point of view) are the conservatives, the Christians, and the wealthy.

In actuality, it is behaviors that are bad. Seeking oppression and inequality towards others is bad. Using demonization, slander, and abuse of power to do so is even worse. These behaviors are worthy of outright condemnation. Indeed, I regularly take to task Obama and the liberal progressives for doing these things. However, making "people" fundamentally bad is something different altogether. It is based on demographics not on behavior.

The path that the liberal progressives and the Obama administration have taken plainly displays the pitfalls of getting so immersed into the Us vs. Them mentality. They've separated people out into the good guys and the bad guys. Once into that mindset, any tactic, any demonization, slander, or manipulation of the news, becomes acceptable. Any corruption or abuse of government power becomes justifiable because you're fighting for the "good guys" and against the "bad guys" (whomever the bad guys happen to be). Indeed, is that not exactly the behavior we've seen from the liberal progressives in the media and in the government?

Notice how Obama's presidency has been the complete opposite from the Hope and Change of his initial '08 presidential campaign. Do you remember when Obama said in his speech at the "04 Democratic National Convention" There is not a liberal America and a conservative America, there is the United States of America...... there is not a black America and a white America, a Latino America, an Asian America, there's the United States of America "? Do you remember how refreshing that was to hear? Bait and SwitchYet Obama's entire presidency has been the complete polar opposite of that sentiment. Such is the trap of immersing yourself completely in an Us vs. Them mentality and subsequently persecuting and oppressing the "bad guys" by whatever means available. I do not know if Obama intended it from the start or if he gradually got corrupted by this mentality but, either way, what he has conducted has become the greatest bait and switch ever perpetrated on the American people in the history of this great nation.

Ultimately this is, once more, the age old battle of liberty and equality versus oppression and inequality. It may seem like it's new but it is not. The world has seen this tragic struggle many times before. How is it that we have fallen back into this mire so soon after having extricated ourselves from this nonsense? Perhaps we really never did completely get away from it. The liberal progressive delusion and its subsequent push for oppression and inequality seemingly originated immediately after we ended racial inequality in America. We simply transferred from one foolish paradigm of oppression and inequality to another. With the implementation of Lyndon Johnson's " Great Society ", just as we were throwing off the last vestiges of racial inequality, we enslaved millions of African Americans (and millions of the poor from all ethnicities) into an entitlements form of institutionalized poverty that dissuaded them from taking even the first step towards realizing their own potential. By removing all individual responsibility for their lives, we removed their freedom [for individual freedom in your life and individual responsibility for your life are inherently intertwined] and the devastating results plainly speak for themselves.

Now that foolish delusion, Liberal Progressivism, which was the originator of this idiocy, has grown in power and threatens to ensnare all Americans with its particular version of oppression and inequality; forever removing liberty & equality, and the blessings, prosperity, and serenity that had resulted from those things, from America.

No, inequality and oppression are not new to the world but there is one thing that is new with America's present battle and it is both profound and tragic in its implications. Other losses of liberty historically have come at the hands of military conquest either from abroad or within a nation. Will we be the first generation in all of human history to have been born into Liberty, bestowed upon us by our predecessors, only to forsake and throw away that Liberty in a fit of delusion and outright stupidity? That is what liberal progressivism represents. It's little wonder that it must be promoted with demonization, slander, corruption, and abuse of power; stifling all honest debate on the most fundamental levels. For it does not matter from which direction oppression and inequality comes, it has no merit and thus cannot survive honest debate.

We must now understand, the greatest threat to American liberty in all of this nation's history has now come upon us. For the sake of those who sacrificed and died to bestow that Liberty upon us, for the sake of our children and grandchildren, for the sake of all of humanity that is yet to come, we must not falter! Liberty, equality, and freedom must persevere in the land that Liberty made great.

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Erin Gilliland

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Erin Gilliland is the Author of Justice For ALL - Saving Justice in America. Dr. Gilliland's goal is to restore the principles of Freedom and Liberty for ALL back to America. Circle Saving Justice on Google+!

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