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Destroying the Foundation of America's Prosperity

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Why is America so prosperous? The answer is surprisingly simple..."Freedom and Liberty". It is the very nature of freedom that creates prosperity. In a nation based on liberty the outcome of each individual's life is ultimately in their own hands. American ProsperityThey are inherently rewarded for things that create prosperity (hard work, creativity, innovation, education) and inherently suffer the consequences for things that don't (laziness, dishonesty, foolishness, irresponsibility). As millions of people individually go through this process, it begins to snowball and create enormous prosperity for that nation and culture.

It is not an accident that America is the most prosperous nation on earth, not only now, but throughout the entire history of humanity. Up till now, America has been the freest nation to ever exist. From the time of our founding it was the principles of freedom, liberty, and individual responsibility that guided us. These things are not only invaluable in their own right but they bring the tremendous side benefits of serenity and prosperity.

Think about it. Unless you're out in the wilderness or out in the middle of the forest, Everything around you was made by a human being. From the house or building you're in to the electricity lines to the indoor plumbing to the cell phone you're talking on....somebody envisioned it, somebody built it. Over the last 200 years (and particularly the last hundred years) there has been an explosion of technology and ideas unlike anything ever seen in all of history! Freedom did that! Or, more specifically, people, living in a state of freedom, did that. Millions of people, individually motivated by the inherent nature of freedom to realize their potential, created this modern American existence and the prosperity that comes with it. That is the foundation of our prosperity.

But now we are abandoning and forsaking that very foundation. As I have mentioned in previous articles, the core agenda of liberal progressive ideology is the creation of the nanny welfare entitlement state. What these entitlements ultimately do is remove responsibility for their own life from the individual. Individual liberty and individual responsibility go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other and so when you remove one, you inherently remove the other as well. This removal of individual responsibility and liberty has devastating consequences to the very population it's supposed to be helping ( I write more extensively on the poor, where they are actually being shortchanged in our society, and what a true safety net would look like, in my book JUSTICE FOR ALL--Saving Justice in America ).

This doesn't just devastate those living under this yolk, if it grows large enough, it devastates all of society as well. Everyone working in a free market society is adding to that society and that economy. From the unskilled laborer digging a ditch to the PhD designing the latest nanotechnology, all are contributing to the economy in some measure or another. So with the end effect of the nanny state entitlements being to reward people not to work and not to realize their potential, as more and more people are taken out of productivity this erodes the very economy itself.

Yet we are not feeling the economic pain from this foundational erosion yet. Why, because as a nation, we are covering it up; we are postponing this pain to the future. What do you think this 16.5 Trillion dollar national debt, this 4 Billion dollars a day in additional government debt, this 7 Billion dollars a day in quantitative easing is all about? The welfare nanny entitlement state, the core agenda of liberal progressives, doesn't work. But instead of admitting that it doesn't work, the government is simply stealing trillions of dollars from the future (govt debt) and printing trillions of dollars out of thin air (quantitative easing) simply to cover up the fact that it doesn't work. As you cannot do this forever, this will end in disaster.

The hooverdamYou see, normally we would be getting gradually increasing feedback, in the form of economic pain, that the welfare nanny entitlement state is not a viable entity and, more generally, that liberal progressivism is not a viable ideology. But in covering up this economic pain by boosting the economy and the government with billions of dollars a day from additional government debt and quantitative easing we are essentially storing up that economic pain. It's like damming up a river and steadily building up a massive lake of government debt. When that damn breaks, all that economic pain and feedback, which should have been spread over several decades, will be felt in one moment in time to a devastating degree.

I wrote in my last article about the specific events (a debt caused government collapse and the loss the dollar's world reserve currency status) that will be the fulcrum around which this economic catastrophe will occur. But, it will have been the undermining of individual responsibility/freedom by liberal progressives in our universities , in our media , and in our government ( Obama ) that is the underlying cause of the economic calamity in our future and America's loss of prosperity.

Even this late in the game, America could avoid this fate by reforming our entitlements into a true safety net, aggressively reducing unnecessary bureaucracies, reforming our public education system, and paying down our national debt. But, this does not appear to be on the table. The majority of the American public has no appetite for the discomfort that some of these reforms would bring, but in so doing they are choosing a far worse fate.

Austerity would be a necessary part of this and yes it would be economically painful, but we must realize austerity is not the mistake, it is merely the result. The mistake was stealing so much money from the future in an effort to cover up the failures of a meritless economic and political ideology, liberal progressivism, and that mistake has already been made. Because of that mistake, the choice before us is austerity and other common sense reforms or the devastation of going over the economic cliff at some time in the future.

You cannot escape reality. If you ignore the reality of gravity and jump off a hundred story building without a parachute, a short time later you will hit the ground and perish. If you ignore the reality that human beings thrive in a state of individual responsibility/freedom and instead create a welfare nanny entitlement state using ever increasing government debt to fund it, some time later your economy will crash and you will destroy your nation.

If you live in America this will greatly affect you. You must join the cause to advocate, in whichever ways you can, for freedom, liberty, and individual responsibility (economic and otherwise). Time grows short for you to save yourself and your country.

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Erin Gilliland is the Author of Justice For ALL - Saving Justice in America. Dr. Gilliland's goal is to restore the principles of Freedom and Liberty for ALL back to America. Circle Saving Justice on Google+!

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